Board of Directors

The Gloucester Dragons is run by a group of committed volunteers without whom the club would not exist. 

What is a Volunteer?  a person with a spirit of service and community, and strong moral values

If you are interested in the future of Gloucester Dragons soccer, please consider joining this dynamic group of people and help us to continually move forward.  For more  information on the positions, and which are vacant, please see below.

To send an e-mail to a board member, click on the name of the individual. If the subject line is populated already, DO NOT change it, or the e-mail will not go directly to the individual.

If you are interested in joining our board, you may view the position description by clicking on the position title.  Please e-mail the office with a short bio.

Chair  Bill Coleman
Executive Director Operations David Lowe
Secretary VACANT
Treasurer Simon Tomlinson
Director, Marketing and Community Relations John Fernandez
Director, Equipment & Facilities Rémi Beaudin
Director, Coach Development Andrew Watson
Director, Micro Soccer (4 - 6 years of age) Adrian Movileanu
Director, Micro Soccer (7 - 8 years of age) VACANT
Director, Mini Boys (9 - 12 years of age) Michel Beaulieu
Director, Mini Girls (9 - 12 years of age) Marc-André Daoust
Director, Youth Boys (13 - 18 years of age) Jim Hunker
Director,Youth Girls (13 - 18 years of age) Leah Hutchinson White
Head Referee Jason Gauthier