Annual General Meeting Package (CURRENT YEAR)

All parents/guardians of Gloucester Dragons players are members of the club and are therefore entitled to bring forward motions and to vote on any such motions.

Join our board of directors and be a part of the decision-making process.  We are a volunteer-run organization and require good volunteers to manage all aspects of the club.

There may be positions vacant.  Please consider giving some time to your soccer community by filling one of the vacant positions. For information about these positions, click here.  

For those attending, RSVP to



Consolidated Reports [pending]

Previous year's minutes 


Chair - Report
Executive Director, Operations -  Report
Statement of the Treasurer - Report [to be updated]
Director, Marketing and Community Relations - Report
Director of Equipment and Facilities - Report
Director, Coach Development - Report
Director, Micros (4-6) - Report
Director, Micros (7-8) - Report
Director, Mini Girls (9-12) - Report
Director, Mini Boys (9-12) - Report
Director, Youth Girls (13-18) - Report
Director, Youth Boys (13-18) - Report
Head Referee - Report
Scheduler - n/a