My name is Jason Gauthier, I am the Head Referee for the Ottawa Gloucester Soccer Club.  The OGSC is the umbrella organization that encompasses the Gloucester Dragons recreational club and the Gloucester Hornets competitive club. I have been involved with the club since 2012 and look forward to another great season. I can be reached at headreferee@ogschornets.ca.

We continue to adapt to new OSA referee course procedures and development changes as well as the LTPD program. Within Gloucester we will continue to develop our internal referee development programs. 

Every spring, we recruit new referees.  This offers a great opportunity for people of all ages.  Young people may find this a great first job.  You learn responsibility, scheduling, working with people, and leadership – and get paid to do it.  

Older referees are always in high demand.  Refereeing can be a great way to get some exercise and continue to be involved in soccer, if playing is no longer something you want to do.

New referees are trained by the Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer Association. New referees start by officiating recreational games, as a center referee and as an assistant referee. Working as an assistant referee is a great way to learn from more experienced referees.

As you develop your skills, you may be offered more challenging game assignments, progressing to officiating competitive games over time if you so choose.

For information on joining our team and becoming a referee click here.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and wish you the best this upcoming season!