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My name is Jason Gauthier, I am the Head Referee for the Gloucester Dragons Soccer Club.  I have been involved with the club since 2012 and look forward to another great season. 

We continue to adapt to new OSA referee course procedures and development changes as well as the LTPD program. Within Gloucester we will continue to develop our internal referee development programs. 

Every spring, we recruit new referees.  This offers a great opportunity for people of all ages.  Young people may find this a great first job.  You learn responsibility, scheduling, working with people, and leadership – and get paid to do it.  

Older referees are always in high demand.  Refereeing can be a great way to get some exercise and continue to be involved in soccer, if playing is no longer something you want to do.

New referees are trained by the Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer Association. New referees start by officiating recreational games, as a center referee and as an assistant referee. Working as an assistant referee is a great way to learn from more experienced referees.

As you develop your skills, you may be offered more challenging game assignments, progressing to officiating competitive games over time if you so choose.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and wish you the best this upcoming season!


Becoming a Referee

If you wish to become a referee, you must complete and pass an Ontario Soccer (7X7) mini soccer or entry-level referee course. A new referee may not skip this step and register directly with Ontario Soccer. Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer normally offers two courses in each category every spring. Registration for these courses opens in late January or early February. For first year Referees at each level, the cost includes the Ontario Soccer registration as well as the clinic fee. 

7v7 Small Sided Soccer Referee


To participate in a Small Sided Soccer Referee Course, an individual must be at least 12 years old and no more than 13 years old on or before March 31st the year of the course. 

For information on course application, click here

11 x 11 (Entry Level) Referee

To participate in the Entry Level course, an individual must turn 14 years of age on or before March 31st of the current year.

For information on course application, click here

Updated: September, 2018

Development and Progression

The Ontario Soccer Association’s Referee Development Program has as its mission, “To prepare and certify referees for the club, district, regional and provincial levels of the game”. Each season, Ontario Soccer offers training at all levels for referees, including those referees who are entering the program for the first time to those seeking promotion to the next level.

Referee development within the Ottawa Gloucester Soccer Club is a cooperative effort between Gloucester Dragons and the Hornets. Initial training is provided by the Gloucester Dragons. Developmental reviews are by the Head Referee team. The Gloucester Hornets provide work assignments for more experienced referees to further develop their skills in a competitive league environment.

7 x 7 Small Sided Referees

To become a Small Sided Referee, an individual must be at least 12 years an no more than 13 years of age on or before March 31 of the current year.  OSA Small Sided Referees are qualified to referee 7 v 7 Tiny Tot and Small Sided Soccer games but are not certified to referee or act as the assistant referee on any 11 vs 11 games at any level. In Gloucester Small Sided Referees are employed up to the U-10 age group.

For information and course application, click here

11 x 11 Entry Level Referees

The Canadian Soccer Association requires that all game officials have reached the full age of 14 years on or before March 31 of the current year.  Persons wishing to enter the referee program are required to pre-register for the course and complete a pre-course workbook, in-class workbook, and pass an examination at the conclusion of the course. Those who pass the examination will be certified as CSA District Referees (if over the age of 16) or Youth Referees (if under the age of 16).

New entry level referees must complete a minimum of five games with Gloucester Dragons or another recreational league before being eligible to referee for Gloucester Hornets.

For information and course application, click here

District Referees

District Referees, who must have reached the full age of 16 years before April 1 of the current year, are eligible to referee competitive and recreational soccer games up to Level 3 of the Ontario Soccer pyramid of play.

Regional Referees

Regional Referees must have reached the full age of 18 years before April 1 and must have a minimum of two years' experience as a District Referee. They must successfully complete the Regional Referee Upgrade program.


Useful information for referees can be found at the following sites:

Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association

Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association Referee

Ontario Soccer

FIFA Laws of the Game

Ask The Referee


Referee Handbook

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The Referee's Role

The role of game officials is to serve and protect.


The Referee's Responsibility

The responsibility of the referee is to protect those who want to play the game from those who enter the field just to destroy it.

The Referee's Job

The job of the referee is to know when to stop the game, and how to get it going again. 

"The official who, through the influence of his/her presence, causes players to avoid violations of the Laws of the Game, has attained the perfect relationship to the game."

Land Acknowledgement
The land of which our office and fields are located is the traditional territory of many nations including: Anishinabewaki, Kanien'kehá?ka (Mohawk), and Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) peoples.  It is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples. The Gloucester Dragons would like to reflect on the unique connections and relationships Indigenous persons and their ancestors have had with this place for thousands of years.



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