Welcome Parents
This section is designed to give you information about the club and your role within the club and the team. It is generally the parents and older athletes who are most involved in the operation of the club, whether as coaches, officials, managers or board members. Without strong support from you, the club is not as effective. As a result, we are always looking for volunteers. Please visit our Board of Directors page to see what positions we have open.

Rowan's Law

Rowan's Law is now mandatory for all sports organizations in Ontario and there are requirements which must be fulfilled by parents/guardians. To read about Rowan's Law, click here

The Club and Season
The Ottawa Gloucester Soccer Club (OGSC) is a large club divided into recreational and competitive divisions, which operate as distinct entities with their own executive committees for the purpose of planning, organizing and running their own leagues. Teams exist for girls and boys, men and women, based on age categories as set out by the Ontario Soccer Association.

The Dragons are responsible for the summer outdoor recreational (or house league) operations for youth between 4 and 18 years of age. After team selection in early May, the teams play from mid-May to August, with Soccer Days held for all participants in late August. Our coaches and referees do an outstanding job, and our athletes have developed over the years as a reflection of their work and dedication. We have a lot to be proud of.

What's the Dragons' Philosophy?
We teach individual and team skills in a recreational and fun environment, and always in the best interests of your child's development, not only as an athlete but also as a well-rounded person. We emphasize fair play and respect for teammates, opponents and referees. Our coaches use a club curriculum to ensure that skill development, throughout all age groups, flows soundly and logically. In general, all players get equal playing time.

Parents - please note: Let the coaches coach. If you have any concerns please talk to the coach privately after the game. Do not contradict coaches in front of players. Be a positive parent on the sidelines. No negativity. If you have any issues with the coach, please talk to the executive, or the respective Division Director.

The Dragons have a code of conduct and a harassment policy (see Handbook), both of which apply to parents, spectators, players, coaches and referees. There is an expectation that all participants will respect these codes and policies for the sake of all others who contribute to the sport of soccer, the development of our youth and the well-being of our community.

The New Member
For the parent of the new soccer athlete, volunteer roles do not all come at once. We hope that you will grow in the organization and find some time to lend to making your child's experience a better one. Outlined below are some of the roles that parents take on, and, depending on the team, you may be asked to take on at least one of these. Please note that at all times you are welcome to watch practices and games, and we encourage you to take an active part in your child's involvement in the sport of soccer.

 Team Roles for Parents
Parents are often called upon to act in one or several of the roles below. Some require an evening's commitment; others are for the season. All of these roles can be fun, and they are certainly important for the kids and coaches - so they can focus on their training and performance. We want the teams to have fun, and we also want the parents to have fun, so help out where you can.

Note: Not all teams require all of these positions. The coaches will outline their needs and expectations at the beginning of the year.

Each team must provide a linesperson (calling the ball out when it crosses the line) for each game. Ensure a linesperson is identified for each game, act as the linesperson for games or co-ordinate the team parents (team member's siblings can also be used in some cases).

 Orange Duty/Refreshment Co-ordinator
Co-ordinates the team's half-time refreshments for games. Prepares 'orange duty' list for parents (where applicable). This may also include co-ordinating extra water (especially if there is a significant heat wave - See Water Breaks excerpt from Dragons' Handbook.pdf).

Corner Flag Co-ordinator
For all games, the co-ordinator places the flags in the corners and is responsible for picking them up and returning them at the end of the game.

 Other volunteer Opportunities
- Club Executive - see vacant positions on our Board of Directors page
- Soccer Day Organizing Committee