Refund Requests & Receipts


We are pleased to provide refunds on soccer registration fees, up to and including the second Monday of June, upon receipt of a fully completed "Refund Request Form".  Upon receipt of your refund request, the office will verify the data and, in the case of personal cheques, ensure that the cheque has cleared.  
Please note that a $20.00 administration fee will be deducted on all refunds submitted after May 24th.

Please click on the form below to begin the refund process:

Refund Request


Before calling the office for a copy of your receipt(s), check the following:
If you registered on-line, your receipt can be obtained through your account.  The receipt would also have been e-mailed to you directly from the on-line system, please check your inbox. If you registered in person or by mail, your receipt was emailed to you - please check your inbox.