Retreat Lines

Retreat Line Rule (U7-U12) 

For the U7-U12 age groups, any time a goalkeeper is in possession of the ball the opposing team's players must retreat (back away) either 1/3 of the distance of the field or 1/2 the distance of the field, depending on the age group of the players. 

Once the opposing players retreat (back up) the required distance, the goalkeeper is free to put the ball into play. Once the ball has been put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing players may not advance toward the ball until either a player on the keeper's team has touched the ball or until the ball has moved past the retreat line.

Retreat Distances 

  • U7 and U8: Opposing players must back up to the half-way line when the opposing goalkeeper has the ball.
  • U9, U10, U11 and U12: Opposing players must back up 1/3 the length of the field when the opposing goalkeeper has the ball.

Please note that our Handbook also explains the retreat lines.

Please click here for further details from Ontario Soccer.