Discipline Procedures

The Gloucester Dragons conduct all disciplinary matters in accordance with Ontario Soccer’s policies and procedures.

The Dragons’ Discipline Committee meets, when necessary, every Friday at 8:00 p.m. as follows:

For 2020

May 22, 29

June 5, 12, 19, 26

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7, 14, 21, 28

Who Can Be Disciplined?

Discipline action may be taken only against a registrant or registered organization of Ontario Soccer. Any person acting as a team official, administrator or game official shall be considered to be a registrant of Ontario Soccer regardless of whether he/she has registered to do so.

Misconducts and Penalties

A list of misconducts and the resulting penalties can be found in Ontario Soccer's discipline policy, here.

Discipline Systems

There are two discipline systems in place:

  1. Discipline by Review: no disciplinary hearing unless the accused requests a hearing or for the following types of misconduct: 1.3, 1.5, 1.6.
  2. Discipline by Hearing: for all other types of misconduct with the exception of the following, whereby either system may be used: 1.13, 1.15, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21.

Discipline by Review

If you accept the penalty indicated in the Ontario Soccer Discipline Policy (link above), you are accepting the suspension or fine, and your case will go to Discipline by Review.

A three-person panel will review the case and decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. The panel will determine, in the case of a suspension, which specific games you will miss. The chairperson of the panel is responsible for informing the accused of the decision in writing within two days of the review.

The same rules apply for discipline by review done at the district level. Note that you are not suspended unless the league or the district notifies you that you are suspended.

Discipline by Hearing

If you are dismissed from a game you have three days from the dismissal to contact the league to determine the reason for the dismissal and to submit a letter requesting a hearing. The letter must be hand-delivered or sent by registered mail to the address below.

Chairperson, Discipline Committee
Unit 1, 5510 Canotek Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 9J4

What are my rights at a hearing?

  • The accused individual or organization or their representative must attend a hearing. Anyone representing an accused must provide a signed proxy from the accused before being allowed to participate at a hearing.
  • An accused less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, who shall act as an adviser.
  • An accused will be notified in writing of the date of the hearing.
  • Any party required to attend a hearing may request one postponement of a hearing. The party must submit a written request, which must be received by the Dragons’ office no later than four days prior to the date of that hearing, stating the reason for requesting the postponement.
  • An accused has the right to bring an adviser, observers and/or witnesses.
  • An accused has the right to receive within 48 hours upon submitting a written request to the Dragons a copy of the Report(s) of Misconduct and all documentation that will be considered by the Discipline Hearing Panel. If the accused has not been provided disclosure in accordance with the above, at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the hearing the accused has the right to receive a copy of the Report(s) of Misconduct and all documentation that will be considered by the Discipline Hearing Panel.

Filing a Complaint

If you have a complaint to file against a player, coach, or referee, please forward the complaint to the Dragons, using the official complaint form (fillable). The Dragons will review the complaint and determine whether it is within their jurisdiction to take action. The Dragons can take action only when the complaint is about a matter found in the Ontario Soccer Discipline Policy.

The Dragons must forward all complaints about referees to the district. If the Dragons or the district determines that a hearing is warranted, the author of the complaint will be required to attend the hearing. Should the author of the report refuse to attend a discipline hearing, the hearing cannot take place.

Discipline Committee Membership

The chairperson of the Dragons chairs the discipline committee unless this function is delegated to another member of the board of directors. Two other board members shall also sit on the committee. The Head Referee or their designate shall serve as an advisor to the committee where required.


If you know that you are going to be suspended either by the district or by the Dragons, you must wait until you are notified of the dates of your suspension before serving it. You should not automatically assume that you must sit out the next game, because, unless you have been notified, the game will not count toward your suspension.

The only exception to the above rule is assault against a game official. If you have assaulted a game official, you are automatically suspended from all soccer-related activity, and you will be contacted by your club and the district notifying you of such. In addition, the Dragons will impose a $200 fine on the guilty player.

If you are suspended from all soccer-related activities you cannot participate in any soccer activities under the realm of Ontario Soccer. This includes administering, practicing, coaching, playing, officiating, or any other activity related to soccer under the Ontario Soccer guidelines.

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