Entry Level Referee Course Q & A

Entry Level Soccer Referee Course Questions and Answers:

1.   What is the Entry Level Referee Clinic?

The Entry Level Referee Clinic is an introductory referee course designed by the Canadian Soccer Association. All individuals (age eligible) with no refereeing experience prior to 2011 must take the Entry Level Referee Clinic in order to be certified as a referee in Canada.
2.   Who is eligible to take the Entry Level Referee Clinic?
An individual must be 14 years old on or before March 31st, of the year in which the course is to be taken. 

3.   If I took an Entry Level Course last year, do I have to take it again this year?
4.   When is the registration cut off date? 
The cut off date for clinic registration is 10 days before the course begins.
5.   If I apply to the course will I be guaranteed a placement? 
Participants affiliated with or members of the OGSC will be given priority for seats in the course.  If the course fills, then a priority list will be established in case someone drops out a later date.
6.   How long is the course and how much time will be spent on the field/gym? 
The overall expected time to deliver the training is 16 hours (12 hours of in-class instruction and 4 hours of on-field instruction). 

7.   How many participants will there be in my course? 
There is no minimum number of participants required to host, however the club is required to pay for a minimum of 17 participants. The maximum number of participants is 25 (no exceptions).
8.   What is required of me in order to complete the clinic? 
 Register for course via Ref Centre E2E.  
 Complete the pre-course workbook on Ref Centre E2E.  Your Account ID is the primary email address that you entered when you registered. 
 Complete in-class workbook during the clinic. 
 Write and pass the online Entry Level Referee Examination within 72 hours of completing the clinic.

9.   What do I do if I do not have access to a computer? 
The participant is required to complete both components of the clinic. The OSA suggests completing the exam at a friend or family’s house or even at your soccer club or local library.

10. I don’t have a computer, how do I get the in-class workbook?
You will be prompted to print the course workbook and bring it with you to the clinic. If you cannot do so, please inform clinic coordinator to assist you with printing the workbook. The in-class workbook will not be marked and will be retained by the participant when they leave the course.

11. I can’t attend the entire course. What should I do?
You should cancel your course registration if you know that you will not be able to attend both days.  Try to find another course at a more convenient time.
12. What do I need to bring to the course? 
Participants are required to bring pencils/pens; paper; whistle, referee cards, flags, running shoes with non-marking soles, for indoor (gymnasium) and cleats, if the weather permits outdoor practical drills. Participants should dress according to weather conditions (shorts or track pants.) 

Participants are required to print and bring to the class the in-class workbook.  It is available on the participant's Ref Centre E2E account.

Participants should bring snacks, drinks and a lunch.

13. What happens if I don’t complete my pre-course workbook? 
It is mandatory that the participant completes the pre-course work before they attend the clinic.The deadline for completing this work is two days prior to the course commencement date.  This pre-course work consists of a series of questions with reference to the FIFA Laws of the Game (Law Book). The pre-course work will be competed on the student’s Ref Centre E2Eaccount, with a link to view the online FIFA Laws of the Game.

The instructor assigned to the clinic will check to see if the pre-course work has been completed on Ref Centre E2E. 

The instructor reserves the right to refuse a participant attending the clinic if the work is not completed. Your course fee will not be refunded.
14. Is lunch supplied?
Lunch is not supplied.  Participants should bring snacks, drinks and a lunch.  

15. Is there an exam?
Upon completion of the course, all participants will have 72 hours to complete the on-line examination. The on-line exam can be accessed through the participants Ref Centre E2Eaccount.

The exam will consist of multiple choice questions, including video questions. The exams will be automatically marked by RefCentre E2E and participants and the instructor will be notified within the 72 hours of completion of the course if they have passed or failed by the instructor.

The participant will have 2 hours to complete the exam once they have started. 

If a referee passes, then they will be certified as a CSA Referee and can referee 11v11 competition.
16. What happens if I fail the exam? 
Effective with the 2013 season, If a referee fails, they are given one opportunity to re-take the test.  Until they pass the test, they are not eligible to officiate any soccer matches.  If they fail the second attempt, they will need to re-take the course.

The schedule for the re-sit of the exam will be determined shortly.  The exam will be offered through Ref Centre E2E