Mini Soccer Referee Course Q & A

Small Sided Soccer Referee Course Questions and Answers:

1.   W
hat is the Small Sided Referee Clinic?

The intent of this clinic is to introduce officiating to 12 & 13 year olds. The focus of this clinic is to be interactive, introductory and have the young referees understand the basic concepts of refereeing. They then need to apply this knowledge to officiating recreational micro and mini-soccer players in the ages of U8 to U10.

The clinic is based on the Ontario Soccer Small Sided Soccer Guide and Rules published on the Ontario Soccer website. It’s understood that local associations may make modifications in accordance with their clubs local situations, in particular with respect to fields, goals, nets, duration of the game, size of ball. There are no modifications to rules for player’s equipment or rules of the game (i.e, kick-in/throw-in).

2.   Who is eligible to take the Mini Referee Clinic?
There is no maximum age however participants must be 12 years old on or before March 31, of the year in which the course is to be taken. No exceptions.

3.   How do I register?
Participants are required to register on-line with Ontario Soccer and also by downloading and completing the form from the Dragons website.  We are running the two registration systems in parallel this year.

4.   How long is the course and how much time will be spent on the field/gym?
The clinic is 6 hours in length and includes an outdoor practical session. 

5.   How many participants will be on course?
There is no minimum number of participants required to host, however the club is required to pay for a minimum of 15 participants. The maximum number of participants is 25 (no exceptions).

6.   What do I need to bring to the course?
Participants are required to bring pencils/pens; paper; whistle, running shoes or cleats if the weather permits outdoor practical drills.  Participants should dress according to weather conditions (shorts or track pants.)
7.   Is there an exam?
Upon completion of the course, all participants will have 72 hours to complete the on-line examination. The on-line exam can be accessed through the participants Ref Centre E2E account.

The exam will consist of multiple choice questions and may include video questions. The exams will be automatically marked by RefCentre E2E and participants and the instructor will be notified within the 72 hours of completion of the course if they have passed or failed by the instructor.

The participant will have 2 hours to complete the exam once they have started. 

If a referee passes, they will be certified as an Ontario Soccer Referee and can referee 7v7 competition.

8.   When do I get my badge?
At the completion of the clinic, Ontario Soccer will send the clinic coordinator the exact amount of Ontario Soccer badges needed for the clinic. The clinic coordinator is responsible for distributing these badges to the participant. Each participant is required to place the badge on their referee jersey. You will receive your badge at the orientation session.