Game Forms

Effective the 2015 season, the referee game sheet and assistant referee game sheet will no longer be required. It is now the coaches' responsibility to submit a copy of their game sheet to the referee. The referee will collect this sheet from each coach before the start of the game. Games will not be played without an official Dragons game sheet.  Summary Sheets, together with Game Sheets MUST be handed in to the Dragons office at the end of each month.

Summary Sheet - fillable format (save to your desktop to complete)

Discipline Forms

Dismissal Report 

Caution Report

Special Incident Report

Referee Assault Form

EODSA Exhibition Game Process and Game Sheet

EODSA Exhibition Game Process (Within District) - Process and Game Sheet

Teams must inform their Club that they are playing an exhibition game and provide the game details (opponent, date, time and venue)

    This is not an approval process but a reporting process.  Clubs still have blanket approval to play exhibition games between EODSA clubs within EODSA boundaries.  This process will just ensure that Ontario Soccer policies are being followed and Discipline and Special Incidents are being dealt with appropriately. If an accident/injury occurs, please report using the Process and Game Sheet

    Revised: February 2020