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Dragons Policies

GDRS Weather Policy

Teams are expected to practice/play in inclement weather. Games/practices may be cancelled by the City of Ottawa restricting the use of fields. Players and coaches are expected to arrive at the field for games unless notified by the Dragons. The assigned match referee will determine whether or not the field and/or weather conditions are suitable for play.

If both teams are present at minimum strength (as defined in the handbook) or more and the game is not started due to weather a 0-0 tie is awarded.

If the game has started and the game is abandoned in the first half the score is recorded as 0 - 0 regardless of the actual score. If abandoned after the 2nd half has started the score is recorded as it stands at the time the game is abandoned.

Referees are to use a 30 second rule to determine safety of play as a minimum guideline.

Once lightning is seen, count the time from lightening to thunder. If the duration between the “flash” and the “bang” is under 30 seconds referees are to abandon the game.

Once a game is abandoned there is no wait period to re-start. All participants are to leave the area.

Referees must submit a Special Incident Report to the Dragons Office within 24 hours when games are abandoned.

Heat Policy

When the temperature at any point in the day of play is registered as being above 30 degrees Celsius as recorded on Environment Canada's website(, the Dragons heat policy will come into effect. 

When the temperature reaches above 30 degrees Celsius there will automatically be two water breaks per half. Games and practices will continue as scheduled. Coaches are to monitor players for signs of heat stress or injury. The Dragon's Board reserves the right to cancel soccer activities based on extenuating circumstances and/or explicit weather warnings as posted on Environment Canada's web site.

When temperature reaches above 30 degrees Celsius, there will automatically be two water breaks per half. Games and practices will continue as scheduled. Coaches are to monitor players for signs of heat stress or injury.

Other extremely hot weather conditions may necessitate the game being stopped for water breaks in each half of the game. Only one coach has to ask for a water break. This is to be discussed and agreed upon prior to the game and will be administered by the referee.

The referee will add time to each half to accommodate water breaks, as required.

Air Quality Policy

If the air quality rating is forecast on the Environment Canada web site at 7 or above at game/practice time, soccer activities will be cancelled. The forecast review will be conducted by the Dragons Executive and coaches will be notified by the office and via the web site of any cancellation.

Ontario Soccer Mini Soccer Rules and GDRS Policies

  • Tiny Tot Soccer is for 6, 5 and 4 year old children.
  • Mini Soccer is for children in the U7 to U10 age categories with the option to apply these rules to U11 teams. GDRS uses Ontario Soccer Mini Soccer Rules for the U11 divisions.
  • FIFA Laws of the Game are for U11 and older players.
  • You must abide by the FIFA Laws of the Game (LOTG), the Ontario Soccer Mini Soccer Rules and the GDRS amendments to the LOTG and policies as published in the Gloucester Dragons Handbook.
  • The Gloucester Dragons Handbook contains summaries of the “FIFA Laws of the Game”. Please refer to the official publication for the complete text and to the “Interpretation to the laws of the game and guidelines for referee”.
  • The Gloucester Dragons Handbook contains changes to the following FIFA LOTG:
    • Ontario Soccer Tiny Tot and Mini Soccer Rules are included in the applicable FIFA LOTG summaries. Refer to the official publication of the “Ontario Soccer Mini Soccer Guide and Rules” for the complete text of the rules.
    • size and weight of the ball for U12 and U13 youth games
    • duration of the periods of play for U13-U15 youth games
    • the weather, “mercy rule”, and water break policies apply to all age groups.
    • substitutions – unlimited number of substitutions per team with the permission of the referee

Do not enter into discussions or arguments with players, coaches or fans when you are asked to justify the reason for a particular Rule, Law or Policy. Ask them to direct their questions and concerns to the Head Referee.

GRS Harassment Policy


Since many of our coaches and players do not have extensive soccer experience, the Gloucester Dragons has decided to allow coaches and team captains the opportunity to approach the referee, to request an explanation of a call. This opportunity does not extend to other players or to spectators and should be limited to a call made by the referee.

This is not to be seen as an opportunity for a coach or captain to argue for a change in the call.

At all times, requests must be made in a calm and respectful manner and only during a stoppage in play. Where possible, requests are to be made at half- or full-time and should not be excessive in number.

Situations other than those noted above may be construed by the referee as harassment or abuse and in such cases the referee, while remaining calm and polite, should follow the procedures outlined below.

If a coach is not satisfied with an explanation given by the referee, s/he should contact the Head Referee after the game.

Harassment/Abuse by a Coach

In this case, if play has not already stopped, the referee should stop the play. The referee will then approach the coach and indicate that their behaviour is considered to be harassment or abuse and advise the coach that if it continues, they will be asked to leave the field. If the harassment/abuse continues and the coach refuses to leave the field, the game should be abandoned by the referee.

Harassment/Abuse by a Spectator

In this case, the referee should wait for a stoppage in play. At this time, if the referee can identify which team the spectator belongs to, they will explain to the applicable coach in question that the spectator’s behaviour is considered to be harassment or abuse and ask that the coach control the spectator. If they cannot identify, the applicable team, then they are to talk to the Home team coach. If the harassment or abuse continues, the coach will ask the spectator to leave the field. It should be explained to the spectator and the appropriate coach that, should the spectator refuse to leave the field, the referee may abandon the game.

In the event that:

A game has been stopped and/or abandoned, or

A coach has been expelled, due to harassment or abuse,

The referee must call the Dragons Soccer Office immediately following the end of the game leaving a message to report the occurrence, to be followed by a written report at the earliest possible opportunity.

GDRS Fair Play Policy (Mercy Rule)

To prevent running up the score, an eight-goal differential is the maximum allowed and recorded. Once that differential has been reached, for example, if the score is 8-0, or 9-1, 10-2 the referee will abandon the game.

GDRS Team Game Sheet Policy 


  • To ensure that only registered players participate in a game
  • To ensure that players who have been suspended have served their suspensions
  • To assist the referee in completing discipline reports by correctly identifying offenders.

Effective the 2015 season, coaches will be required to provide a completed team game sheet to the referee before the start of the match. This game sheet must identify all players for the game by name and shirt number. The names of players who have been suspended must appear on the team roster with a notation that they have been suspended. Those players may not participate in the match. 

Referees are to submit the game sheet to the Dragons office in order to be paid. 

See these Weather Related Documents

Questions and Answers

  1. I took the Entry Level Course last year.  Do I have to take it again this year?
    You are not required to take the Entry Level course again.  You should, however, attend the EODSA Referee Education sessions and the GDRS (Dragons) clinics to find out what has changed since last year.  

  2. How do I stop getting emails from GRS (or other clubs) that I don't want?
    You are receiving emails because you have indicated in your RefCentre profile that you are willing to work with one or more clubs/leagues.  When the club/league referee administrator sends out a bulk email to all of his/her referees your email address is automatically included in the list.  If you don't want to work with a particular club/league update your RefCentre profile and remove those clubs/leagues that you do not want to work with.

  3. What should I do when a coach/parent comes onto the field to complain?
    No one is permitted to enter the playing field without the referee's permission. Please refer to the GDRS Harassment Policy.

  4.  After stopping the game to deal with a player injury, a parent rushed onto the field to check on the condition of his/her child?  Should I have sent them off?
    Use common sense in this situation.  You have stopped the game.  Let the coaches and parents deal with the injury while you watch the remaining players and prepare for the restart.  This is a good time to take notes of the injury so that you can prepare a Special Incident Report if the player does not return to the game.

  5. How do I cancel/decline a game assignment?
    If the game is more than 48 hours away you can decline the game in RefCentre under the Games\Schedule menu option.

    If the game is less than 48 hours away, you must contact the GRS (Dragons) Office at 613-749-4029.

    For information on the full process of game assignment and game cancellation procedures please refer to Game Assignment/Cancellation Process.

  6.  Where do I send my Caution, Dismissal, and Special Incident Reports? 
    All reports should be sent to the GDRS (Dragons) Office by mail or as a scanned attachment to an email.  The email address is:

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Land Acknowledgement
The land of which our office and fields are located is the traditional territory of many nations including: Anishinabewaki, Kanien'kehá?ka (Mohawk), and Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) peoples.  It is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples. The Gloucester Dragons would like to reflect on the unique connections and relationships Indigenous persons and their ancestors have had with this place for thousands of years.



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