Game Assignment/Cancellation Process

All GDRS game assignments are made through RefCentre – Referee Scheduling and Assignment System, an automated system used by many leagues and clubs the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) and is found at

Ontario Soccer Youth Referees and District referees are certified to referee U11 to U18 games and may act as Assistant Referee for all games. Ontario Soccer Small Sided Soccer Referees are used for U8 – U10 age groups and cannot act as Assistant Referees.

Normally, a referee must be at least 2 years older than the age group playing the assigned game. (E.g. to officiate a U12 game, the referee should be 14 years old.)

Accepting Game Assignments

Referees are notified by email that they have been offered games. Upon receipt of a notification, the referee must logon to RefCentre and accept or reject the game offer. If a game is not accepted within 72 hours of the game being offered, another referee may be assigned to the game, at the discretion of the referee assignor.

Declining Game Assignments

A referee who is unable to accept an offered game must decline the assignment on Ref Centre a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled kick-off time for the game.

Referees are expected to manage their availability in RefCentre. A high number of declined games could lead to fewer game assignments in the future.

If a referee wishes to decline a game within 48 hours of the scheduled kick-off, the assigned referee must contact the GRS referee administrator by email to  or by telephone to 613-749-4029 to have the assignment cancelled.

It is recommended that a referee who declines a game that they have previously accepted send an email to the head referee ( to explain the reason for declining the game.  A high number of unexplained declines could lead to fewer game assignments in the future.

Switching Game Assignments

A referee who has accepted a game is expected to officiate at that game. Referees are not permitted to make informal arrangements to switch assignments with another official.

Accepting a Game as a Fill-in Referee

A fill-in referee can only be used and made official if s/he is an Ontario Soccer registered referee, is in uniform and has all appropriate equipment and a game sheet. Assistant referees cannot be pressed into service if they are not qualified for the age level or degree of difficulty of the game.

Emergency Cancellation Procedure

In the rare event that a referee must cancel an assignment on the day of the game, the referee must contact the GRS referee administrator in person by telephone to 613-749-4029DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE - KEEP CALLING OR EMAIL INFO@DRAGONSOCCER.CA WITH A READ RECEIPT. The soccer office receives many phone calls during the day and your message may not be picked up before the kick-off time. 

Last revised February 11th 2015