Questions and Answers
  • I took the Entry Level Course last year.  Do I have to take it again this year?
You are not required to take the Entry Level course again.  You should, however, attend the EODSA Referee Education sessions and the GDRS (Dragons) clinics to find out what has changed since last year.  

  • How do I stop getting emails from GRS (or other clubs) that I don't want?
You are receiving emails because you have indicated in your RefCentre profile that you are willing to work with one or more clubs/leagues.  When the club/league referee administrator sends out a bulk email to all of his/her referees your email address is automatically included in the list.  If you don't want to work with a particular club/league update your RefCentre profile and remove those clubs/leagues that you do not want to work with.

  • What should I do when a coach/parent comes onto the field to complain?
No one is permitted to enter the playing field without the referee's permission. Please refer to the GDRS Harassment Policy.

  • After stopping the game to deal with a player injury, a parent rushed onto the field to check on the condition of his/her child?  Should I have sent them off?
Use common sense in this situation.  You have stopped the game.  Let the coaches and parents deal with the injury while you watch the remaining players and prepare for the restart.  This is a good time to take notes of the injury so that you can prepare a Special Incident Report if the player does not return to the game.

  • How do I cancel/decline a game assignment?
If the game is more than 48 hours away you can decline the game in RefCentre under the Games\Schedule menu option.

If the game is less than 48 hours away, you must contact the GRS (Dragons) Office at 613-749-4029.
For information on the full process of game assignment and game cancellation procedures please refer to 
Game Assignment/Cancellation Process.

  • Where do I send my Caution, Dismissal, and Special Incident Reports? 
All reports should be sent to the GDRS (Dragons) Office by mail or as a scanned attachment to an email.  The email address is: