Coach Of The Year

Coach of the Year Awards

Presented annually to coaches who demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm and leadership.


The 2019 Winners are: (to see a couple of pictures, click here)

Category Coach Honourable Mention
U4 to U6 (Male Coach) Ben Ellis Pierre Leblanc
 U4 to U6 (Female Coach) Brianna Rollins Sarah MacGregor
 U7 and U8 Boys Fiona Brookes Wendy Shaughnessy, Andrea NcWana/Nadia Stoppa
 U7 and U8 Girls Brynna Leslie Alejandro Sandoval, Jeffrey Orser
 Mini Boys (9 to 12) Brad Daw Thane Oliver
 Mini Girls (9 to 12) Doug Spencer Fiona Brookes
 Youth Boys (13 to 18) Fred Whichelo Stephane Landreville
 Youth Girls (13 to 18) Michael Begin Teresa Janz
 Overall Coach of the Year Fiona Brookes  Fred Whichelo

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