Coaching 101 Session (New!)

The Coaching 101 session is a 90 minute presentation / question and answer session for first time and beginner coaches. It takes place during the first week of each soccer season and is hosted by our Director of Coaching Development. 

The Coaching 101 session for 2019 takes place at 7:00pm-8:30pm on May 22nd at the Dragons Clubhouse (5510 Canotek Road)

Any coaching or soccer related topic for this session is fair game, but it typically covers the following:

  • What to expect at the beginning, middle and end of each session.
  • What it takes to be a successful youth coach.
  • The secrets to running a great practice at different age groups.
  • What kind of activities to run at the different age groups.
  • What kinds of things are needed to successfully manage a youth rec team, run a practice, and run a game.
  • Best practices for organizing the format of practices.
  • How to measure success.
  • What not to do.